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Everyone seems to be excited about this tentative masquerade thing, but I'm doubting that it's really gonna happen. I think Axel likes to toss these things out there to make everyone go nuts, because he thinks it's funny. I am not dressing up. It just takes too much effort. And shopping? For an outfit? That's over the top...

And what's with all the webcam posts? Does everyone have a webcam but me? Not that I want one, 'cause... I don't want to broadcast myself on the internet, but still. 

Is there anything like a gym here? Or dojo? I'm getting all soft and... disgusting.

[ooc: the strikes are legible, if anyone cares to put the effort into it! ;D]

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First, I'm sorry to all my instructors whose lessons that I couldn't get to, but the past few days I've been kinda sick, so I just stayed in my room, hoping it would get better. It has and I'm pretty much back to normal.

Also, this is the first I've heard about a masquerade and I'm worried curious. I hope this doesn't mean that I have to wear something embarrassing. Like a dress.

I'm so bored. This place isn't as interesting as people might think. Or maybe I've just been ignoring the exciting stuff.

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I've been here a few months, I think; I don't know how many, because marking off the days on a calendar seems too bleak. Kinda like I was in prison or something.

I don't think I'm good for this job. Even with some training. It's not like an uneducated kid could get any other job, though. I mean, how could I satisfy some strange men? Really. That doesn't sound likely.

I still can't understand why my family left me here, but I sort of hope that there's a good reason. To find that reason, I probably need money. And if I need money, I guess that means I need a job, well, need to keep my  "job". 

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For your curiosity, here is the rest of my application, including all of that good stuff like preferred pairings.

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